The Plan

We are Anne (29) and Olli (31) and we have a plan:

This route leads us about 15.000 km through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Laos to Thailand.


We are completely aware of the fact that the road conditions (or non-existing roads), authorities issuing visa or our own fitness and motivation are not going to be considerate of our plans. You can see here, where our route finally leads.


Who we are

We are…




Until this tour we worked as test engineer in the field of biomedical engineering (Anne) and test manager for a big car manufacturer (Olli). Besides that, we have always been adventurous. For example, we cycled together from Vienna to Istanbul, stayed overnight with locals in the cloud forests of Panama or hiked through the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.


Why we are doing this

Actually we don’t know ourselves yet why we want to do this trip. But we have known for a long time that we want to make such a journey. Of course, it takes a bit of overcoming to temporarily leave behind the comfortable couch, the job, friends and family, and the life in which you have become quite well established. After all you engage in something completely new and difficult to plan without knowing if you can even cope with this challenge.

Nevertheless, we have decided: Let’s do it! Let’s cycle around the world. More specifically, from Munich to Southeast Asia, because you can’t go any further by land … besides, we know from personal experience that it is beautiful there.

On this page we would like to share our little adventure with you.

UPDATE: We did it. After cycling for 13.750 km we reached Bangkok. What an amazing trip!